Motor-less hook for high hang

Me and my team have created a robot that can hang high and score 152. Using slip gear we got our hooks to stay up and hang high. Just recently our high hanging hooks were not working as it was supposed to. My team and I researched online and found motor less high hangs but can’t seem to figure out how it works. We made our hooks and placed the rubber bands but it would not repel when our high hanging bar goes up.

Send a video of it, please, or at least a picture. Nobody has a clue how your hooks are supposed to deploy.


in iq there arent any and u cant modify pieces so either u dont mean slip gears or u have illegal pieces

This isn’t necessarily true. I would reserve your judgment until seeing how they are accomplishing their task.

soz, with all due respect idek what u mean. could u please explain in clearer words?

Thats why we are changing it. We found out 2 days ago that we are using an illegal part. Back to the main question we are trying to make a hook to repel when the arm moves up but me and my team have been failing a lot. The robot is at my teammates house but this video shows what I am talking about.

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looks like i was right :sunglasses::sunglasses:.
slip gears are illegal, theres no two ways abt it

they use motors for high hanging on 1 25 torque i believe

I am talking about the hooks. I have the gear ratio noted down but can’t seem to figure out how the hooks work. Only thing I know it is powered by rubber bands.

interestinf, i have no idea honestly

You can build a device with a series of smaller gears, pinned to a plate and spin the center of the plate. You effectively create a new pitch diameter for the entire device with gaps in between the smaller gears thus creating a slip gear device completely legally.

But what do I know?


Here’s a diagram. The idea is to have the rubber bands not stretched at all when the mechanism is down and stretched at least some when it’s up. I guess you’re using a 4-bar? This is roughly how we have ours.


Well would you look at that.


That’s an intermittent gear, not a slip gear although they have similar concepts. My point remains. You cannot have slip gears

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How did he pin down the 12-tooth gears though?

Never mind, I figured it out. He has another 12-tooth gear in the middle.

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