Motor-less movement?!?

I had an idea of stabilizing my robot with a gyroscope. I want to know if it would be allowed (legal) to have a freely spinning vex part on my robot that I spin very fast before the match so that it spins the entire match?


Consider <R3> when doing this. You would have to heavily protect the spinning part. You also might have to have the part spinning during inspection, since the robot must be in the state that it will be in when it enters the field. I am also am not sure if this is legal even without <R3>

<R3> The following types of mechanisms and components are NOT allowed:
a. Those that could potentially damage playing field components.
b. Those that could potentially damage other competing robots.
c. Those that pose an unnecessary risk of entanglement.

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The time between the end of autonomous and the beginning of driver control also varies depending on how long the refs take to score stuff.

You can have motor less movement by using a motor to spin the thing… Make sure it spins QikLY

Make a cool gear box transmission thingy that switches motors from mobile goal to spinning the piece up really fast

No just use a motor to spin it.

like a really big fly wheel but instead of a wheel its whatever piece he wants to spin.

Are you suggesting using a flywheel cone intake. Because that is the best intake. You can get 20 cps with SpurFlyWheel intake.

@Codec Dat signature tho

Not legal, been asked before

Illegal and useless.

It’s like the idea of a wind-up robot.

I’ll wind you up