Motor/lift issue

Idk if this should go on tech support or technical discussion, so I put it here.

Our robot is currently capable of scoring mobile goals, but does not have a lift. We ended up burning out ports 1 & 10 (mogo lift motors) and had to borrow motor controllers in the middle of a competition. After we plugged the motors in with the motor controllers, the mogo lift motors would lift the arm in a weird way (I guess). It seemed like they would get a shot of electricity and then slow down. This would happen over and over until the arm reached its apex, then it would run normally. I will try to include a video later. As of right now I do not have the robot with me.

While this is not an issue (the robot runs fine), it is a minor inconvenience for our team.

Electrical - Many times ports 1 & 10 are lost because of a short in the motor. You may want to check the motor wiring including the boot where the wiring enters the motor to see if there is any exposure.

Mechanical - Lifts seem to struggle when there is friction, something is binding, or a lack of power. Check to see how easy is is to manually move the lift. If you haven’t already, you may also want to use rubber bands or some sort of counter-balance to offset the load.

Programming - Conflicting statements in your code can cause motors to behave erratically. Check your code to see that you are not assigning a value to the same motors in multiple places.

Just a few tips I can share from experience - YMMV.

The lift is on a 9:1 ratio and the goal manipulator is only 10 holes away from the fulcrum of the arm. We are aware that ports 1 & 10 are burnt out, and have since switched to different ports. When ports 1 & 10 first burnt out, we switched motors.

I have a video of it, but I cannot upload it due to what this site allows you to upload.

do you mean 9:1 or 1:9?


If you are using ports 1 and 10 then those ports are likely to burn out. so what I am doing with my robot is not using the any motors for 1 and 10. I am using twelve motors so I just use 4 Ys to fit it inside the cortex without using the ports 1 and 10. Hopefully that helped :).

We have already solved the cortex issue (through the sacrifice of 2 sets of 1 & 10 ports) our issue is simply about the motor movement on the mogo lift.

Thank you for your input though!