Motor lights blinking

Hello so my team has a competition in 4 days but our motors keep blinking and the brain can’t go onto the main menu we need a solution fast because our theme is tipping point and since the motor is over heating it can barely lift the goal post like to times before it weakens out. I need a solution fast anything helps. And honestly idk if theirs time for a motor transplant.

Try reading this: V5 motor blinking red in regards to the motor problem.

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the only difference is is the motor runs. But over heats in a matter on like 3 minutes and weakens out.

and like the brain does not allow me to go to the home menu

This depends on your lift design, but you could try to add rubber bands to try to help out the motor so it doesn’t have to do so much work.

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I have 4 rubber bands on each side

What gearing do you have on it?
Pictures would help with this.

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What exactly do you mean by this ? Is the touch screen working ? Is the button on the brain working ?


it says push button but the screen does not work it only work if the remote is on and connected. And i have no acsess to the main menu page on the bot.

ok, well, I still don’t understand your explanation, perhaps a picture would help.

it says push button

what says push button ? A message on the screen ?


yes i will send a picture today on it for you.

I just replaced the brain everything is good! :slight_smile: