Motor lights flickering for no reason

Specifically on my robots lift I’m having motors go out for no reason. They randomly start flashing on and off very quickly. The rest of the robot works just fine when they are flashing. It doesn’t matter if I’m running code or not. Sometimes they will even do this at boot up. I’ve swapped motors, cables, and the brain. None of that seems to have fixed it. Official vex made cables seem to work better than custom made cables. I’m thinking it’s probably a software issue because, I can turn the robot on with all the motors working and without touching it or running any of the motors. They will start going out.

My team has had this issue when a single wire of the cable is not crimped properly, but you mentioned you already switched cables. There’s a chance it’s because of load/strain, so I’d see if it reduces in frequency if you use more rubber bands.

We had thought that was the problem at first. But after some testing we don’t think that’s the issue. I’m currently working on graphing some motor data to see if that gives use any hints. It’s also happening on one of our drive train motors and it doesn’t matter if the motor is running or not. It’s also doing it with the controller.