Motor lockup

Our team is having a problem with one of the motors on our holonomic drive. The front right motor will lock up after some use and we don’t know why. When we take it apart we find that all the internal gears are shredded. So far we have rebuilt it 3 times and completely replaced the motor once. We are using an internal high speed gearing and small omni directional wheels. I took some photos of our drivetrain for reference.

Does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

i think because you are using them a lot that they are shredding the gears so fast.

But none of our other motors have shredded other than that one.

it might be because you might have that on a turbo. Have you checked all the gears for all the motors

All of our drivetrain motors are geared for high speed. I have checked all the gears (including motor encoders) numerous times. the problem is either in our weight distribution or the stability of our chassis.

it might be that your chassis is not structured right so it is pushing all of the weight to one side.

Well most of the weight is in the back. and our hanging lift system is on the back left motor which is diagonal from our locked motor.

do you use the motor a lot or no

It’s part of our drive train, so yes. but each motor takes 1/4 of the weight of the robot.

You need to use bearing flats anytime a shaft goes through a hole in the metal structure (well, there are a few exceptions). In your case some of the weight of the robot is transferred to the motor rather than the chassis.

We do.

it might be the bearings because if you don’t put them on then the shaft will start pushing up or down which might start shifting the internal gears which in turns shreds the gears.

We are using two bearing flats per wheel/motor. both go inside the c channels

did you just put them on or were they already there.

they have been there from the beginning.

Ok, I could not see the one on the inside near the motor.

Go back to first principles – motor gears lose teeth when the motor keeps turning and the wheel doesn’t. Some ideas to look into:

  1. Do you slam from full-ahead to full-reverse? This can cause broken gears. Add a tiny stop between reverse and ahead.

  2. Do the rollers on your omniwheels catch on the frame in some attitudes? If the wheel gets caught, it can break the motor gear.

  3. James can help you with this, but does your code make mistakes in which this one motor works against the others?

  4. I see integrated encoders. Does this happen in autonomous or in driver control? I’m wondering if your auto code is misbehaving.