Motor makes buzzing noise?

For context, our robotics team is brand new. We got a new teacher, and out of seven people, five are freshmen, with no prior experience with vex. The previous robotics teacher was the band director, who was told to run the club. Anything I have done this year was me teaching myself. (Programmed two robots.) I tell you all this to say, we have very little understanding of what we are doing. Anything you can suggest would be a great help to us. Even the simplest thing. ( We have VEX edr btw.)
The problem:
We have a new robot, with two regular 393 motors. They are the only things plugged into the cortex. The first motor is plugged into 1, and the second is plugged into 10. When we upload a code to the robot, they do not turn the wheels, but instead make a strange buzzing motion. When plugged into another cortex they work just fine. (Same ports and code, cortex is the only difference.) I have tried uploading a default program, and it still did not work. I ask this question because I would like to see if other people think it is a coding problem or a cortex problem.

TL:DR I don’t know if it is a cortex problem or a coding problem.

This is posted as vex iq… are you in EDR?

Ports 1 and 10 are slightly different from the rest because they have built in motor controllers. My guess would be that the built in controllers in 1 cortex are having issues, but are fine on the other.

And yea if you could recategorize this to edr that would be great.


Yeah, this sounds like the built-in motor controllers one ports 1 and 10 are bad.

You can contact vex (see here) for info about repair or replacement.

Or just connect the motors to other ports through MC29s - my impression (which may be wrong) is that most teams avoided using motor ports 1 and 10 on the Cortex.


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