Motor Making Odd Noises

One of my drive motors just started whining a very high pitched noise when it tries running. This is when it runs from code, and on the devices menu. I tried switching cables, ports, motors on the ports, and every combo that could tell me anything, and it seems like the issue is coming from the motor. How do I fix this?

It’s broken, it can’t be fixed, it’s a known issue with v5, sorry for your loss



If what @224x says is true, is there a replacement program or anything for V5 components? Also, what causes this issue?

there’s a warranty I know, but I haven’t killed any of my v5 stuff yet so I’ve never had the need to use it.

R.I.P. Taran’s drive motor. It only lived 8 weeks…

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yea, it’s probably dead, blown internal FET.

How old is the motor ? Call vex support tomorrow and tell them what happened.

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I bought it in early may of this year. I will call tomorrow.

Breh I had a motor blow like that the first time I used it.
But it’s too late now, that was months ago.
RIP my warranty

Edit: at least I got a free 200 rpm gear cartridge.

How long is the warranty for V5 components?

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