Motor moves back when I move it forward with a controller VexCode Blocks

Whenever I move a motor with a control, the motor moves back slightly. I don’t know why, I will post the code here. Vexcodeblocks

Please elaborate on what you mean by

For example, when I press L down, it moves it slightly back up.

Does it move back and then move in the desired direction? Ifnot and it is only going in the wrong direction, try reversing it in the code

It moves in the desired direction and then it moves back.

so if you want the motor to keeps it’s position, then use brake type hold

Ohhh thank you so much, the problem was that the motor could move when I touched it with my hand.

How would you implement the brake code for the code I provided?

I believe you have the different brake types so:
Just put under the when started block