Motor mysteriously binding

We have motors that sometime bind up when turning. We take it off the robot and spin it. It might spin fine, but many times it acts like there is glue inside the case and binds it to where it is really hard to turn. Sometimes it does it… sometimes not. It frees up just as randomly as it starts.

We look inside and it seems ok. Any ideas or suggestions?

It is usually the internal axle inside the back part of the motor (the green side) one of both of the small metal shafts may be come loose. you want to open it up from the green side to make sure the axle is not loose

sounds like you should just replace it with another one

Yeah… but running low on motors with 3 teams going to Worlds. Having to go through them. Might buy a few at Worlds though.

Talk to VEX Support, apparently there are some defective motors recently. They might be able to replace them.

Send Vex Tech Support the serial numbers of the motors that are acting up and the description of what is happening with them.

The funny/not so funny thing is that once I picked it up and took 4 screws out… the power wires literally fell out of the motor. Really… it just hit the floor.
Anyway we have had a few do it over the years but will start sending tech support some info/requests.

“Over the years” might be a different issue. I got the impression that this was part of a recent design change that didn’t work as well as they hoped.

Those new design changes caused some meshing issues with the gears last year. We have really had problems with it this year more than ever so it may be part of it.

We had the same problem here with the motor completely locking up.