Motor names not showing on brain after upgrade to 1.0.3

After we upgraded to Vexcode 1.0.3 last night and build/load our programs to our V5 brain, the motor names are no longer showing under the wiring section. Is anyone else having similar issues after upgrading?

do you mean the wiring screen on the V5 brain ? What did you upgrade from ? As far as I remember, VEXcode does not support sending the motor and other device names to the wiring screen on the brain.


Yes, I was referring to the wiring screen on the V5 brain. But, if Vexcode does not support this, this explains it. We used VCS until a few weeks ago and I’m not sure we’ve checked the motor names on the brain since we upgraded to Vexcode. After we upgraded last night to 1.0.3, we discovered that the names were not showing - but it sounds like this was coincidental. Thanks so much for confirming that motor names are not supported when using Vexcode.

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