Motor not recognized on port 12

I upgraded the IQ Brain to the latest software. Now any motor I plug on port 12 doesn’t work reliably.

The brain complain that no motor can be found. When I open the “VEXos Utility” app, it doesn’t show a motor on port 12. If I hit refresh, the motor shows up.

It is not a problem with the motor, or with the cable. It is specific to port 12 and it can be reproduced on various different IQ Brains.

We “fixed” the issue by switching to port 11.

I hope the firmware gets fixed soon.

I have heard a number of people complain about the VexOS update and odd operation, we are skipping this version.

Agreed there is definitely some not right with this recent version. We’ve see the motors in the the last port group come and go, and has coincided with a motor in port 12.