Motor Overheating?

Hello! We’ve been working on our robot recently, and there’s a problem that’s showed up for the first time. One of our four drive motors turns off and is actually BEEPING, and the error report says that it has passed temperature level 4. The robot was on for about 30 minutes, but the motor was only running for like one of those minutes. I’d rather have a way to fix this motor, but if nothing else works then I’ll just replace it. Thank you!!

Picture of robot from multiple angles helpful here.

but first guess - friction where structure meets moving parts or missing parts.


I don’t have the robot available right now for a photo, but I can tell you that the motor setup is identical to the other 3 wheels and this is the only one having problems. I just find it hard to believe that it’s exceeding such a high temperature level after being in use for such a short time.

Clearly something is different from other three.

Swap motor from non working are to one of other three…

Or check if motor driving has same internal gearing cartridge…

Pictures with detail will assist finding the problem