Motor Pin Repair Kit

A kit with the parts necessary to repair motor wires when one or more of the pins break off. It should include replacement pins and the keyed plastic part that goes over them.

we normally will take a two pin extension wire and cut off its connector and solder it on

As a temporary repair, I normally take a small piece of wire, strip it so it is just copper, and after removing the keyed end, place it in the crimped end of where the end of the pin used to be. Then if you put the keyed end back on, the wire stays semi firmly in place.

I’ll second this. Teams can already buy the parts necessary to repair the connectors, but it would be nice to be able to order it all from VEX in one nice little package.

We ended up cutting the wire from old resistors and attaching that wire to it. Worked pretty well so far. It would still be nice to actually have a proper way of doing it so you don’t need to cut 2-wire-extensions or resistors. The easiest way for VEX to do it would probably be to just sell the power cable that goes on the motor, so you need to open the motor, de-solder the old want and solder on the new one. Not an easy fix, especially for teams that have no idea how soldering works, but that would be the only way that comes to my mind when I think about the rule talking about altering wires (someone correct me if I am wrong).