Motor pins

Does anyone else have problems with motors pins breaking off really easily, we had one snap into a motor controller during a match,
with is the best fix for this as we have a box full of motors like this.

pS - how many broken motors do you have?

Use the black wire clips (probably not the right name for them). They’re rectangular, I think they’re sold in packs of 10, and basically they go around every connection of two wires to make sure that the pins don’t bend or anything. They’re also useful in making sure nothing gets unplugged if you accidentally tug on a wire. I would definitely recommend that you use them.

There’s a pretty jank solution that you might consider if you reallllly need the security but can’t get the wire connectors. Basically, you force a ziptie between the red and black wires of the motor, force the other end between the red and black wires of the motor controller/2 wire extension, and then tighten the ziptie. I would definitely not recommend this approach unless it’s a last resort; go with the wire connectors instead.

Never heard of the wire clips, but yes we have been using the zip tie method all the time, but is there a way to fix broken pin motors