Motor placement and design

Hey I’m relatively new to yes, I need some help with motor placement and robot designs.

a picture would be helpfull

Sure but I cant atm, I’m still in german, I can post one around 4:30

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As a beginner, I would recommend directly plugging the wheel into the motors.

You could use a 7:5 gear ratio on 200rpm motor cartridges if you want to gear up your drive, or just use 1:1 with 60t gears. The motors should be on the inside of your chassis with the motor port facing outwards. You do not need a bearing block on the motor, just on the opposite side of the shaft hole, since the motor will keep the shaft centered. You can unscrew the motor backs from the motor plate and use the plates to represent the motors, and then screw them back on later if it makes it easier to maneuver them.

Using a gear ratio allows you to move much faster than your competition at the expense of torque. If your scoring methods are reliable and performant, then use a gear ratio to access the middle goals quicker during autonomous. Otherwise, use direct drive because you may find yourself having to defend (prevent the opposing team from scoring by disrupting them) or needing to push through defenders.
That all really depends on your region, as some region’s referees are strict about contact and pinning.

You are right against the 18" length limit with 35 hole rails. I would make sure that I have space for wheel blockers for rights by moving the wheels a sufficient length away from the end of the rail.

Your shafts should not exceed the flange on your inside and outside rail. From the spacing you have, you want at most a 3" shaft for your wheels, while the motor shaft will be longer, at about 4".

You do not need shaft collars outside the drive rails, since the drive rails will not fall out as long as they are secured to a crossbar. Use shaft collars on the inside of the drive rails primarily. I usually put my shaft collars between the wheel and the sprocket/gear I am using for power transfer.


Your allowed to cut axels if that is your issue. A direct motor drive is perfect for early-mid season like @Railgunawesome said

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