Motor Placements?

Do you guys usually place motors in the center of c-channels or on the edges? If you have to place motors in areas with width constraints, how do you manage. Looking at the v5 motors, they seem to be wider than a normal 2 hole c-channel, so if you had to place a motor across a brace, how would you manage that?

For us, it would depend on the dimensions of the C channel and what they are being used for. We typically stick with the middle because it allows for easier access to them and weight balancing. I unfortunately have no experience with the V5 motors yet.

Having seen the V5 motors in person, but not used them, I think that the mounting abilities will be the same. That said, the V5 motors are much larger and will require much more space within your robot. A good comparison of the increased space would be to put a post-it on either side of a 393 motor.

In what orientation

On the largest side.

So the V5 motors are more squarish?