Motor Port 1 is Flipped

We’ve spent a lot of time this season confused by that Motor Port 1. It was always the wrong direction in our program. We went through lots of theories: the the Cortex Microcontroller was broke, the motor was wired wrong, our programming was wrong, etc. None seemed right, so we dealt with it. We inverted it and it worked.

We finally figured it out. Good news is that nothing is broken. Motor Port 1 flipped is flipped. On the attached image, the ‘notch’ on port 1 is opposite from the other ports.

So we’ve always been diligent about ‘red to red, black to black’. We also made sure all black wires were on the same side in the Cortex Ports. Now we know that, Port 1 should actually be flipped and be the ‘lone’ red wire on that side.

So, mystery solved! We thought that we’d share.

Actually the two-wire cable can be plugged either way into ports 1 and 10. You just have to reverse the port in code to solve your issues.

I believe the OP understands this, but his point was that in order for the correct clockwise/counterclockwise movement based on the code structure you have to wire it so that the little notch is facing the correct direction. (which seems like the wrong direction)

When using ROBOTC, the correct orientation is red wire towards the VEXnet key, this is true for both port1 and port10. Other development environments may differ.