motor port not responding trouble-shoot

I am new to VEX Robotics and I am having trouble with out motor ports not working. We are building the Arm-Claw robot and cannot get any of our Bot builds to respond to more than 2 motors. We have the model 802.11g micro-controller and on some, the motor ports #1 and #10 do not work at all. We can find a few motor ports (2-9) that will work but no more than 2 ports will work on any of our micro-controllers. I read about re-programming the joystick and/or micro-controller but I have yet to find how to do that. Please assist. Is there a phone number to call for support?

This forum is the right place for the support you seek.

The situation you describe sounds like it could be the result of an error in your code. I would suggest posting your code so the community can help you debug it.