Motor position memory

When working in autonomous, does the motor know where it is at? If I use blocks to “Set motor position to 0 degrees”, can I run various commands that move it 1/4 turn, 15-degrees, a few more movements and then come back and ask the motor to move to a precise point based off my initial zero point? “Spin Motor to 100-degrees”?


Keep in mind if you are turning in a drivetrain you’d need odometry to make it back to your exact starting position

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This is especially useful for an arm. If you want it to go back to the bottom at the end of the program, just tell the arm to go to 0 degrees.

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Thanks, I realized last night the reason I was doubting myself was because I was on a small input gear and was watching results on a large output gear. I just brain farted on the fact that I was working within a gear ratio.