Motor/Power Problem (Need Help)

Recently out drive system has been acting weird and dying out. The drive functions perfeftly for about 20 seconds and then slowly loses power until it stops. If we let it sit for 10-15 seconds the robot starts again but then stops like before. Each side has 3 motors with one going to the power expander and two directly into the cortex. We’ve tried replacing the power expander, motor contollers, and batteries but nothing works. We dont think its the motors because they are brand new and have had only 2 hours of use. The robot is almost all aluminum and the weight shouldnt be buring up the motors. If you guys could help us that would be amazing!

6 motor drive: 2:1 ratio
4 motor lift
2 motor claw

Make sure none of your chain is too tight or too loose. It should have barely enough slack such that you can wiggle it about 5mm by hand, but not enough to be able to disengage from the sprockets.

Sounds like the PTCs are tripping. Like @Barin said, check the chain, but also make sure the friction in the drive is low. Ensure that the metal lines up perfectly and the spacing isn’t too tight.

Your wiring sounds correct so thats not the problem, one problem could be one of the motors is a different gear ratio. For example, if its geared for speed but theres one torque motor this would cause a situation like this to occur. We had this happen during nothing but net witg our flywheel and couldnt figure out what the problem was.

All of the motors are on torque and all the chain has slack. Could it be something with the programming, maybe a bug?

There could be a chance of that, if you’d like to post your code i’d be happy to take a look. One more thing you can give a try is to plug in each motor individually to make sure they are all running and to test for resistance.