Motor problems before states

My team is 2 weeks out from the state championship. We have been having problems with all of our motors. Even on block code the voltage is going crazy. All my code is telling the motors to move at 100 percent volecity. Is there any fix we can do before states?

I have tested none of these are from the Rev 10 broken motors

What do you mean by this ? please explain some more.


Okay, can you show us the code you are using, just for a bit of context?

Ok so normally i use ez template but I used block because my coach wanted me to test it on block

I have a few guess, I’m very confused by this situation, but best of luck.

  • Battery: If the red LED light flashes five times per second, the battery is critically low and needs to be charged immediately. Batteries can wear out or not be fully charged, which can cause the robot to slow down or disconnect from the joystick.

  • Thermal breaker: If a motor loses power, the internal thermal breaker may be tripping. This can be caused by the motor being stalled or under too much load.

  • Programming: Try switching to the Default Code to isolate the problem.

  • Undervoltage: Undervoltage can cause motors to overheat, malfunction, fail prematurely, and shut down.

  • Dead motors: One of the main issues with the VEX V5 motors is dead motors.


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  1. What are the problems with your motors? You never really said what was wrong with them.
  2. I don’t know if that was just an example of your code, but that would just make it spin forever
    I am not the primary programmer, so this might not help at all.