Motor Problems

Our team has been having a problem with our arm and claw motor.
On the arm motor, if you move the arm down there is no problem, but if you move it up it makes a strange noise and jerks as it goes upward, sometimes stopping completely, but we can still move it back down and try to move it up again. The claw motor doesn’t have a problem when you open and close it, but when you hold the button to open or close it down, it makes the same noise the arm motor did. We have updated all firmware, and changed the batteries. So far the battery solution seems to have worked but if it breaks again does anyone else have any more permanent solutions?

  • Team QWERTY

Changed the batteries? Like the brain battery pack? Or are you using the 6-AA holder and replaced the AAs? It could be low battery state, it could be too much torque on the motor shaft (fighting gravity on the way up, going easily down), or you might have some issue with gears, either external, or inside of the motor if worn out a lot.