Motor problems

My team is having some problems with our motors. They will output inconsistent power when driving in different directions. How do we fix this? Thanks!

I know you asked this in the official tech support channel but you will probably get more answers from the community, so I moved the thread.

I assume you have the 393 motors, can you explain a little more about the problem and how much difference you notice when changing directions. Where are the motors mounted on the robot? Have you made sure to use bearing flats where they pass through structure and reduce any sources of friction? Perhaps post a photo of the motors on the robot.

photo of bot and code please :smiley:

It’s hard to do much with that level of information, but here are a few questions to move it along:

1.) What is your basic chassis system? Possible answers are things like “4 wheel direct-drive,” “X-drive,” “H-drive” “holonomic,” and “mechanum.”
2.) What is your control system? Possible answers are “tank,” “arcade,” “mechanum.” Others are possible, but unlikely.
3.) How many motors are you using, and of what kind (with respect to gearing)? Possible answers are things like “4 standard,” “4 high-speed” “6-turbo.” Exotic answers are possible, but unlikely.
4.) How and when does this problem reveal itself? Under program control? In response to joystick movements? Both?

Do you mean, for instance, that driving forward at a setting of 100 moves slower than driving backward at a setting of -100?

More information will get you some answers.