Motor Repeatedly Disconnecting

So today, my team was at a competition, and one of our drive motors continuously disconnected during matches. We switched the cable, ports and motor multiple times, but this repeatedly happened, with the only common factor being the position of the motor. When it did happen, it could be temporarily fixed just by unplugging and replugging the motor, but it would just happen again within a minute. We still don’t know why it is happening, except that it only seemed to happen when driving around.

Seems like the thing that keeps the wires in place is broken or worn down inside the motor

try to keeping it together using zip ties or rubber bands.


It could be loose ports we have some of those on our brain and the solution is to not use the port or just put a cable in a way it is being pulled so the pins are touching

Just test by wiggling the cable in and out, left and right etc. around the brain port then around the motor port. If you notice an interruption in the red LED light inside the port (light shines through the plug lighting it solid red), then the problem is 100% the connection between the respective port and your cable. Static usually fries ports and they never come back to life so it does not sound like your issue. Figure out where the issue is. Is it on the brain side or the motor side. If on the brain side, plug into a different (working) port and see if it happens again. If it’s on the motor side, try a different motor (if you have any spares left sigh…) You can try a different cable as suggested. When you get to the point where wiggling the wire keeps that connection mostly solid, zip tie the cable in a position that keeps the connection solid. Never leave those cables floating as those connections tend to get a bit finicky with time.

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This is really helpful, thanks! Going to try this now, will let you guys know if it works.

I doubt it, since we have tried three different ports, but thanks for the suggestion anyway!

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