Motor rotateTo revolution

Hi, I think I understand the difference between rotateTo and rotateFor, if the type is in degrees. But I got confused when trying to understand them when using revolution as the unit… is 0 rotation means 0 degree, and 1 rotation means 360? If that’s the case what’s the situation where we need to use rotation instead of degree? (I’m thinking degree should be more accurate, no?)


With doubles, it’s really just a personal preference. If you were stuck using int’s, then it would be quite a different issue.

As for rotateTo and rotateFor, they function exactly the same whether you choose degrees or revolutions. It’s just that you will enter different numbers based on the conversion factor you wrote: 1 rotation = 360°.

One of them is blocking and the other isn’t. One of them is from a relative position and the other is absolute.


This is not true. Both of them are blocking, though you can add “false” in the end of the inputs (optional waitForCompletion Boolean) to change that. startRotateTo and startRotateFor are not blocking.


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