Motor rpm for lifts and drivtrains

Our team recently got started with building, and are planning to build lifts and drivetrains geared for speed.

Thing is, We do not have a general sense of what rpm we should go for for both the drive and the lifts;

what rpm should I go for, given that I want to lift mogos with my lifts and traverse through the field carrying 2 mogos?

Better yet, are there lookup tables or anything that I can refer to, that tells me what rpm I should go for given a certain weight? (doesn’t sound realistic but oh well)

Or do I just have to experiment with different rpms?

1:7 100 sounds about right for lifting 8 pounds

the rpm of your lift is only one part of what determines the amount of torque it has. There are many other very important factors.

The number of motors you’re using will greatly vary the amount of torque you’ll need to lift your desired weight.

the length of your lift arm is also very important. A super long 4 bar will need a much torquier gear ratio than a short 4 bar to lift the same mass.

And a dr4b is essentially multiplying the speed by 2 (because it’s two 4 bars moving at the same time on top of each other) and reducing the torque of your lift to half. So you need to account for that with your ratio.