Motor running backwards

My robot transmissions it’s drive motors to the lift for high hanging. If I high hang in autonomous, would I run into motor problems if I ran my regular lift motors to resist falling down when I disengage the transmission? The motor power would be pretty high.

It’s not clear how this transmission works, why would you disengage before you reach the ground? Also, wouldn’t you need a latch to keep the robot up when the match/autonomous is over?
Regarding overpowering the lift, you need to avoid passing the stall torque (1.67N-m for a 393 motor). To find that, you need to find the robot’s weight, gear ratios, and the mechanical leverage in the position of the hook and the linkages of the arm. Even if you have sufficient torque, I can’t see anyway you could avoid overpowering the motors, because it is not moving, unless you regulate power with sensors.

I’m not totally sure I understand what you’re saying but do remember that when autonomous is ended your robot is disabled, so if you need motor power to stay up then it will fall and the hang won’t count until it has settled.