Motor Saving Techniques

Anybody have any clever ways to save motors? I’ve been working with differentials for some time now but I wanted to see if there’s anything else out there


Are you using V5 or Legacy ?

This thread has a lot of helpful information about using motors for more than one task:


I’m using v5

20 char

I am aware of this thread, however it is mainly differentials and I wanted to see if there was any other way to save motors

Differentials, and ratchets are the two easiest ways to save motors. You can also use techniques like those showcased in the NorCal reveal for passive functionality. There have been a lot of passive intakes in last games that save motors for use with other things.


Do you have any examples? If not, what season were these intakes from?

Here are the 2 simple differntials…

There are also much more complex differentials.

Every year there have been passive intakes. For Skyrise, little rollers would lock onto the Skyrise section without the use of a motor. Itz had passive cone intakes that performed extremely well at worlds. Last year, there were a lot of passive cap intakes, on two bars.

This year, we might see some passive intakes that lock into the little divots in the cubes (although at this point it looks like everyone’s just gonna build a tray of tray db4 combo which is pretty disappointing. Tt seemed to be a very diverse game for a while.)

That and other types of ‘passive intakes’ often are only kinda passive, since that lock passively, but require something to unlock, which would either be a motor (defeating the point of the intake since it wouldn’t be passive) or have some other mechanism also be able to unlock it by doing some action.

An interesting idea I just had was a cube holder with a door, which holds the passive locking mechanism you were talking about, and when it opens it releases the cubes (since one of the locking mechanism moves away).


Is there anything other than ratchets and differentials though? It seems like those are the big two but I was mainly curious about other strategies to save motors.

Tbh motor sharing isn’t that necessary. 8 motors is plenty of actuations to have a competitive robot.

Antichambers motor pairing can be nice if you really have to save a motor

Do u think 2 1:1 ratio 100 rpm motors will have enough torque for a tray?

Wow did you make that animation? I mean I thought that video was high quality and easily made those differentials really easy to understand, at least for me. Really impressed!


If you need to use multiple motors on something (like strength or speed), try working up a gear/sprocket ratio that will get you need from only one motor.