Motor screw size / stripped

My team appears to have “misplaced” the screwdriver they’ed used to swap out motor cartridges. I can’t seem to recall what size those heads are; does anyone have a pointer to a driver/bit that works on them? Also, any advice for removing them in the event they are stripped?

Much appreciated!

Take a look at the Robosource resource for V5 motors…no more stripped screws! I try to get them changed out the first time a motor is opened…changing the cheap VEX screws to Robosource screws before there is ever a problem: VEX V5 Motor Casing Screws, Socket Hex Head, 40 pack -


The screws heads are PH1 phillips heads. If screws are damaged, you can get replacements here: 276-6780.


Thanks - looking for ideas on how to remove physically the screws from the motor/motor-cap…we do have replacement caps, so destroying those is an option, just not an ideal one

I haven’t seen Screw Extractor Bits in such small sizes (other than bundled in some super expensive kits), which are effective for removing larger stripped screws.

I guess, the best strategy for removing stripped small screws would be to cut a slit for the flat head screwdriver. If it is not possible to use hand blade, I would try to modify a blade for an oscillating tool, leaving only a couple of teeth on the narrow tip to access recessed screw head.



If they are stripped you can put a twisted rubber band on top of the screw and then unscrew it by pushing into the band.


Great idea; I’d forgotten about that technique!

This. Be sure to shake thoroughly before use as it tends to separate over time.