Motor Screws to hold motors together

I was thinking what if motors were held together by the 5/64" screws that are used to attach the motors to a robot. This would allow users to change the motors to high speed versions/ add IME’s. Our team strips a lot of these screws when removing them and it would be nice to have a screw that could be removed with a standard vex tool that would have a less chance of stripping the screws.

We rip those screws out as soon as humanly possible!

10mm socket head cap screws are the way to go (and 16mm for the IME covers). Much easier to replace.

A 1.5mm hex key is needed.

All that is listed there is the M2x.4 screws. What is the difference in the M2x.6 (one’s that are listed that the motors use according to and the M2x.4?
Maybe I’m reading the chart wrong.

EDIT: I just found out that the .4 vs. .6 difference is in the threading. The motor cases are self tapping, so since they are different thread types has anyone had problems with them coming loose?

The screws are definitely permitted but I wonder if altering the motor is against the rules? Have you ever verified this? Nice solution.

btw we’ve never had trouble with the screws but it does take the right screwdriver and careful execution.

There is no alteration of the motor functionally at all. We ordered these after having so many stripped phillips screws from replacing gears on 393’s

Filing pieces off, drilling holes in outer casing and cutting the mounting posts doesn’t change the functionality either but none are permitted in VRC. Post an official Q&A entry, I think we’re all keen to know.

We use a #1 pozidriv with good results. Like all screw heads if you’re using the wrong tool they’ll be damaged.