Motor/Sensor Setup for new robot

(Let me preface this with the team is using Robotic C to program.) The team has just created a new robot. They plugged in the motors into the brain and updated the “Motor and Sensor Setup”. They then compiled and downloaded their changes to the robot. The robot isn’t recognizing the new locations for the motors. For example one joystick controls one drive and one of the arm motors while the other joystick appears to do nothing at all. The kids left rather frustrated on Friday. We meet again tomorrow and I wanted to try to give them some solutions to look into. The motors/brain/sensors/controller have all been updated. They downloaded the firmware to the brain before starting. Do they need to create a program to get the motors to be recognized by different buttons?

Thanks so much for any help anyone can provide. :slight_smile:

Yes, you need to create a program. It does not affect the built-in Driver Control. New programs will appear in the menu items that were added when you installed the firmware.

So then they won’t be able to drive in driver control without things going a little haywire, correct? They’ll have to drive in the program mode.
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That is correct. I will say that it isn’t a bad idea to try and match ports when possible (ie use 1,6,7, and 12 for drive train) so that driver control can be used as a fall-back in the event of something odd.

How do you switch up the motors in programming the joystick? I see how to setup arm control, but not the other buttons on the joystick.

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I’d suggest taking a look at the sample programs (File -> Open Sample Program) - in particular the TeleOps section (joystick control) will prove helpful.