Motor skipping problem

While we were building our catapult (24:72 ratio driven by 100 rpm), we tested it through the brain without any problems appearing. However, when we tried to spin it using our code, it didn’t work, and the gear ended up skipping multiple times. It worked regularly before that/

when we had that problem we used zip ties on the axles to hold the from slipping and we haven’t had any problems.

ours is a 24 to 60 slapper and we had the same problem and that is how we fixed it.

It is not a code issue.

If you are running it through the brain i’m assuming you mean the drive function. The motors are set to a very low velocity. With your own code the motors are set to there max velocity. This added speed is causing more stress on the shafts.

The skipping is caused by the shafts bending.

The best way to fix this is by using HS shafts.

If you are still having problems you can do what 74403b said, but i would advise against that because the zipties will cause extra friction.


My team ended up fixing this without me, me but thanks for the advice.

P.S. We tried to do the ziptie method but it didn’t work as well as our current solution

What did you end up doing?

The zipties actually cause minimal friction especially is you use free spinning spacers.

We did a lot of things that I think we shouldn’t have really done but here it is:

  1. We switched to HS axles, which made it a bit better
  2. We replaced our big red gear, because some of the teeth were starting to shave off which caused the gear to skip.
    Sorry for the late response, by the way, and thanks for your help and advice.