Motor Snap Back

Our 600rpm motor, on testing, doesn’t reach 600rpm. it hits about 350rpm every time, and then the speed snaps back to 250rpm, and refuses to go higher. How can this be fixed?

What motor gear cartridge are you using? What are you trying to drive (external gearing and application - assuming flywheel). So if you are using blue cartridge you are trading off speed for torque… if you have a lot of friction, you will have difficulty achieving desired speed and the motor will overheat and then reduce power to preserve itself.

So the fix is to have solid build quality, reduce any place where you have spinning shafts - cantilever mountings are problematic.


Yes, look at friction & build quality, but honestly this sounds like a code problem. Plug the motor wire in question into a spare motor not connected to anything. See what the RPMs are by displaying RPM to the brain.

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Does this behavior happen when the motor is not attached to the bot? Or only whan it is mounted? If so, what is it mounted too, and could you share pictures of what it is mounted to?

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I found that if you have let’s say two motors on an intake but you are only spinning one of them, the motor has this behavior. So I would say it’s probably a build issue, if you could send a pic of the mechanism In question, people here could probably point out places that look like they have a lot of friction or stuff like that.

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