Motor specs

i read somewhere that the vex motors get about 6.5 inch/lbs of torque now just to clarify for those of us who do use clutches is this the torque that the clutch will break at or the motor torque and the clutch set to a lower torque?:confused: and again just to be sure the vex motors get about 100 RPM unloaded, correct? i am making a load speed curve for a robot and want to make sure i am correct. when i searched motor specs i got nothing if somebody could post the link that would be awesome! Thanks

well, here are the specs. hope this helps!

If you stop a motor from spinning, it won’t click its clutch. So I imagine the torque on the clutches is higher than that on the motors. I believe the clutch is more for when your load applies even more torque than the motor can produce.

For example, lifting a heavy load with a motor not geared very well. Or perhaps, in a drive train stalling the motor and being pushed in the opposite direction by something.