Motor Speeds

Does anyone know the conversion between the speed put into ROBOTC (max is 127) and the actual RPM of the motor speed?

The rpm varies on what internal gears you have installed. Also it varies based on the specific motor but Theoretically Torque-100rpm,speed-160rpm,turbo-240rpm. But I recommend you test your motors with an encoder to get the real rpm of each one at a certain gearing.

Thank you Justin

The actual RPM can be found on the Motors page of the VEX EDR site.

Does it make more sense to use separate shafts when using multiple motors on a lift for example or to run one common shaft from one motor to the other?
I.E. six motor lift…three long shafts or six small shafts?

The rpms on the website are theoretical

Probably should start a new thread when changing topic. But the short answer is it depends. Under some circumstance the paired motors can lead to shaft twist and catastrophic failure especially if that is a longer shaft with the two motors moving at different “speed” (not based only upon gearing but because the motors just move different)

Our shaft got twisted because the lift mech got jammed against the fence, while using high-strength gears.

Guys, he/she isn’t asking for the RPM of the motors. He’s asking for a conversion from cortex power to RPM. Like, max power 127 is equal to what RPM? What RPM is 50 power? That stuff.