Motor stall holonomic base

We don’t understand why would the motors stall on high speed.vs.torque with holonomic base. They will turn forever in circles but.would not move more.than 10ft without stalling the motors.

It’s because the ptc circuit inside of them is tripping to prevent them from overheating and breaking. You can either use the torque motors with your current base or if you lower the weight of your robot significantly, you can use the high speed motors.

@321A is correct, and you can also use smaller wheels (3.25 omnis) if your build is borderline.

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Why wouldn’t they stall when circling around on the same tile but do when moving forward or backwards? We can circle for 5 minutes but can’t move forward or backwards for morr than 20sec. It didn’t happen when the motors were in torque.

When turning, all 4 motors are working to generate the same vector. Strafing at any 45 degree angle only 2 motors are powered to move the bot. Moving on the Y or X axis, all motors are working but there are vectors canceling, which stresses the motors.

High speed internal gearing with 4" omni wheels on an X holonomic requires a light build… probably in the 12-15lb range.

Thank you so much! That helps a lot. So, i shouldn’t have the same issues if we switch to an H drive, correct?

Depends how many motors you devote to the strafe. A single motor strafe will stall out on heavy bots too. I wouldn’t single motor strafe anything over 16lbs, and would watch it sadly inch along on its one motor below that weight.

Also, be sure that all your bearing flats are aligned so that the axles turn with minimal friction. You can stress the motors if the axles are binding.

What do you mean with Strafe? Dont know the term! Also, we are thinking about keeping the base under 15lbs and have 4 393 motors on high speed. No transmisión at this point. The arm is using 6 motors on torque at a 6:1 and 2 motors for our claw at a 7:1. The arm is 4lbs.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. You mean that the structural shape of your base will look like an H… but one that you would drive with tank or arcade control. People sometimes refer to an H base as a strafing build. If you put motor(s) parallel to the cross bar of the H, the robot can drive sideways, also known as strafing.