motor stopage?!

would old cortex firmware cause motors to stop ( not burnout just stop) and not turn back on for 30 seconds. if not please let me know what it is.the motors on on power expander because it is a horizontal double shooter.

by the way 127% (haha 127) sure it is not mechanical or wiring

The PTC in the power expander may be tripping .

Are you sure it is not burning out, because that is what it sounds like. If not, I have never come across this problem :frowning: .

yes the motors are not getting hot or warm neither is the battery
our high school team went to worlds last year and they said firmware just want to make sure it is correct

I personally have never seen firmware cause that issue where it will die and turn back on after 30 seconds that sounds like a PTC is being tripped which is either in the power expander, the cortex, or the motor itself. Plus it is also possible to trip the PTC in a motor without the outer casing feeling excessively warm.