Motor support caps/Motor mount

Why do VEX IQ have motor mounts and why don’t we have them in EDR?

If you want motor mounts for additional stability, there might be something coming.
This year at worlds I talked to one of the people at the V5 demonstration and asked them why VEX motors only have two tiny little screws that hold them in place (I always hated this since there is so much force on the screws). They said that there will (at some point) be different caps you can put on the front of the Smart Motors (swap them) that will provide additional support. I can’t guarantee or promise anything but this is what I was told.

V5 motors use 8-32 screws, no?

Nope. V5 motors get rid of the “motor” screws and use the same one that fit into bolts. I can’t think of the numeric size right now.

the screwdriver size is 3/32", but the thread size is 8-32.