Motor Torque

I found this in the technical FAQ

"The Vex Motor Stall Torque is approximately 6.5 inch*lbs. "

Every where else Torque is in oz/in, to convert it would I just multiply
by 16???

I could be wrong but I don’t think the motors have a stall torque of 104 oz/in.

If they do they are sold cheaper than any other servo of that strength.

Does some one know the correct conversion?

If you want to convert from 6.5 inch/lbs to oz/in, you have to convert 6.5 inches to oz and lbs to inches. Are you sure you want to convert to inches/oz not oz/inch?

the scale from from lbs to oz would be 1lb/16 oz. This would not work if you wanted to convert to oz/inch.

yes according to google and the multiple calculation sites it’s 104 oz/in

I just realized that 6.5 in/lb would be equal to about .1538 lb/in. Then you multiply that by 16 and you get 2.461 oz/in.

The math here makes more sense, but 2.5 is to low and 104 is to high.

Guys… it’s not oz/in or in/oz, it’s ounce*in. They’re multiplied together. It’s “ounce-inches” not “ounces per inch”. It would be 104. Anybody tried it? I guess I could give it a go, I’ve got extra parts for whatever innards that strip.

In the following link, I have the data for one of my motors:
That thread has a previous post where I describe how to measure it.
Basicly, wrap a string around a wheel and use it to lift a weight;
the torque is the weight * radius of wheel.
My motor was quite a bit underpowered from the spec.
I didn’t have any problem with stripping internal gears when the motor stalled
this way.