motor tripping circuit

We have a motor that stops working for a couple minutes and comes back to life. However it only disables port 10, but not the whole circuit ports 6 thru 10.

Does that motor work fine in the other ports? Do other motors work fine in that port.
We’ve had dead ports before, but I haven’t seen intermittently working ones. It sounds like it could be a loose wire in either the motor or the microcontroller (more likely the motor wire).

It acts just like a tripped circuit would act. it disables the motor for a couple minutes and then comes back on. Except it doesn’t disable the whole circuit.

Does maybe the motor “stall”

It could be the motor itself tripping on internal thermal overload. Does the motor feel warm to the touch when it stops functioning? If the motor does the same thing when performing similar functions on other ports, it is most likely that the motor is being overloaded and the thermal overload is causing it to stop.


Can you duplicate the issue with a different motor?
There is a possibility that motor port 10 on the Cortex is damaged.