Motor Trouble

I have a problem with our motors, when the motors are running, and I am changing the direction at a slow speed they run fine, everything is ok. But when I try to change direction rapidly, the motors fail, and i get flashing lights on everything, and if I let it sit for a bit it will reset (like 5 seconds). (all the lights on the micro processor flash red once, then a slow green light by “robot”, and rapidly flashing yellow lights by “vexnet”, and “game” on the microprocessor. Also it works normally with the tether.

Sounds like your batteries can not provide enough current. Are you using VEX Batteries?

Yes, vex 7.2 volt

You may have a “bad” Power Connector on the Cortex or a “bad” Battery Connector or just a week Battery. Try changing to a different Battery. Also, wiggle the Batteries Wires around where they plug in to the Cortex. If you every see all the LEDs on the Cortex flash Red while wiggling the Wires, you have a “bad” Power Connector. If that is the case, you will need to contact VEX Support and get an RMA Number to return the unit for repair.