Motor Usage Suggestions

Hi, my team is wondering how all of you suggest we should use our motors. Originally we planned on a 4 motor mecanum drive, 2 motor intake and roller, 2 motor fly, and a pneumatic extension and endgame mech. We’ve spoken around with others in our organization, and they have suggested that the second intake motor is unneccesary. We also are using a cartless flywheel motor 606x style, so that also saves a motor. We are rather at a loss for what to do with the two unused motors, would a second motor on the intake or flywheel be beneficial?

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If i were you i would move away from the mecanum drive and opt for a 6motor tank drive with a speedier ratio. So 1m flywheel 1m i rake and 6m drive.


If you want to keep mecanum drive, recommend you could put another motor on your flywheel, as for the last motor, you could use that as an indexer maybe.


Or go 9364C style and use a 3m flywheel.


It is possible to make a 6 motor mecanum drive if you use 4" omniwheels (have to be the old ones, not the new anti-static ones) in the middle of your drivetrain and then 4" mecanum wheels on the outside. Then you would just stick with 1 motor flywheel and 1 motor intake/roller like you said. If you don’t want to do this, I would say 3 motor flywheel is not a bad idea. You can also split your intake and roller motor so that they have separate motors, which would make it so they take up 2 motors without allocating an unnecessary amount of power to the intake since you wouldn’t chain your roller to the intake. From that point you could go for a 2 motor flywheel if you did 1 motor intake and 1 motor roller spinner.


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