Motor Velocity (vex v4/EDR)

Hello. I am trying to do a robotics project using V4/Legacy/EDR 393 motors in robotC. However, when I drive it with the controller, it is slow. I was wondering if there was a command that would change the motor velocity similar to motor.setvelocity() used in vex v5 pro. Thanks in advance!

Short answer: no. If you are using the controller to tell the motor to turn at 100%, it is trying its best to do so.

If you are accustomed to the speed V5 robots move, EDR robots will seem painfully slow. The base internal gearing is 100rpm, with an option to replace internal gearing for 160rpm. They are also very dependent on a full-charge battery, and will slow significantly as the battery depletes.

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Ok thanks for telling me.

ya cambiastes su configuracion determinada? por lo general siempre esta en normal speed y se puede cambiar hasta turbo speed y con una linea de codigo hacer que con un boton se active este tenga mas impulso, no se si me explique bien

las velocidades normal y turbo en el motor 392 es una relación de transmisión, no en el código. lo siento si mi gramática es mala, estoy usando el traductor de google

english translation

the normal and turbo speeds on the motor 392 is a gear ratio, not in the code. sorry if my grammar is bad, I am using google translate