Motor Wire repair kit

Contains a two wire connection(2 pins) and leads to a 6 inch long cable. Cable ends in bare wire. Used to resolder. Our team has a few broken motors because of this issue.

I like this idea!

To actually repair the motor, it would look like about 5 minutes for dissassembely, souldering two wires, and one resistor(?) HR30-0.90. (30V at 0.9A). And then another five minutes to put the motor back together. I think this would save teams some money.

Imgur Album of dissassembly for potential can be found @

I bet teams could cut a 2-Wire extension, of whatever legnth they want and soulder it back. Surely is much cheaper than buying a whole new motor.

Edit : Mentor has reminded me that souldering a motor is illegal. Maybe teams could crimp the wires together close to the board, but without souldering? Might be legal, i am not 100% sure at the point.

Edit-II: R15-II States “ii. **External wires **on VEX electrical components may be repaired by soldering, using twist/crimp connectors, electrical tape or shrink tubing such that the original functionality / length is not modified in any way. Wire used in repairs must be identical to VEX wire. Teams may make these repairs at their own risk; incorrect wiring may have undesired results.”

Since some motors will be repaired at the slot where the wire goes into the motor, This might be considered internal or external, depending on where the wire(s) are damaged. It is assumed with this rule if pins are broken, or if the wire is outside the motor casing, the motor can be repaired.

Soldering them inside the motor probably would be illegal, but the way most teams and how I have done it many, many times is to cut the motor or sensor wire around half length, and then cut the end of another wire the same length. Then strip the wire ends, solder it together, and heatshrink it.

The way I did it, which is nicer, is to offset the part that is soldered for each individual wire, instead of having all the connections at one spot. It needs a bit longer wire, but looks nicer when it’s done and doesn’t have all the the joints clumped on one spot.

See this thread for good sources and practices to prevent wire issues.