Motor with encoder

Are you allowed to use 393 motors with encoders on competition robots? If so is there a limit that you can have?

Yes you are. No there’s no limit except for the limit from the # of physical ports on the cortex for IME’s, which I think is 2, correct me if I"m wrong

I forget how many IME ports there are , you can have up to 8 of them wired in a (loop? i dont know what its called) using only one port.

It’s called a chain. Sometimes a daisy chain.

Is this legal? How is this done?

The cortex only has one I2C port, so each integrated encoder module has both an in and an out port. One wire plugs into the cortex’s I2C port and the first IEM (robotC recognized as I2C port 1) Then a second wire can be used from that IEM’s out port into the next motor’s in port (recognized as I2C port 2). This chain can continue and recognize up to 8 IEMs

Thanks! Not like we actually use IME’s but it may be useful at some point