Motor without a cartridge

I heard the this year they allowed to use motors without cartridges, and many teams are doing so by using adapters. What should we use to make the adatpers?

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this dude is da best:


Keep in mind that this method of removing the cartridge is technically legal by descriptions in the manual. However, that could change at any time.

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Not entirely true, this Q&A explicitly states that motors are allowed to be used without official cartridges. It is unlikely that the GDC would change this ruling later in the season.


Agreed, but if there is an instance where the GDC does decide to change this rule it is good to have a backup plan just in case. My team is a user of this method and we have a backup flywheel design for unlikely cases of rule changes.


My team built one of these and found that they get extremely hot after very little use, I feel that prolonged usage of these inserts could potentially melt the spacer used, so if you’re using these make sure you have some way to cool them effectively

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Another good thing to remember is that doing this voids the warranty on your motor, so I’d recommend doing this on motors that you’ve had for over a year.