Motor won't stop

So I’ve got 72 VEX IQ robots, and I’ve got a problem with a couple of them.
The when your release the joystick, the motor won’t stop turning.
If I push the stick backwards, the motor will reverse, but still keeps running even after releasing the joystick.
I’ve already calibrated the joysticks.

Is this the built in driver control or a custom program? Are you updated to the latest VEXOS? I only have 30ish… Didn’t know you could go that deep!

Yes, updated OS, and built in driver control.

Maybe issues with the joysticks where they are not 100% sitting dead center (value of zero), even though you have calibrated the joysticks? Have you paired the brain with another controller and see if that exhibits the same issue?


Good idea, I will pair with another and try it.

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