Motor29 in Python

How do you instantiate Motor29 connected on TriPort A on V5 in Python.
In general, can you please explain how to read the Doxygen documentation for the constructor of the classes- specifically- class Motor and Motor29.

I’m assuming you’re referring to Robot Mesh Studio’s V5 Python? (As VCS does not have Python, unless James has been very busy.) And that this would be the doc page in question.

As for how you read the constructor documentation on that page, you don’t. It’s not listed. As for how you actually instantiate it manually, you use vex.Motor29([instantiated Brain].three_wire_port.[lower case port letter], [T/F for reversed polarity or not]). Generally we don’t put much time to documenting the constructors for devices as we have the configuration panel on the right side that automatically generates and populates device constructors from input on a GUI.

Similarly for Motor we also do not have the constructors listed on its docs page. It does not appear for the same reason as Motor29: we don’t expect you to have to instantiate it manually. Its constructor is Motor(vex.Ports.PORT#], vex.GearSetting.[setting], [T/F for reversed polarity]).