Motorised wings help

Hi, me and my team are trying to design some motorised wings for our bot. Ive got some good ideas from other threads, but can someone exain to me how i can get them to lock? (As in to make sure they dont retract under pressure of triballs being pushed)

the way my team used is to constantly rotate to the out position unless the retract button was clicked

Our team has pneumatic wings, but you can try editing the code so it is in the “hold” position. In code, you would use set_stopping() and call it with the enum val HOLD.

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The simpliest way to do this is having the wings drop down from your robot, so that they’re naturally locking.

As @MIA.paint said, having wings that come down vertically could be the way to go! If u do that then I think you should use pneumatics instead of motors because the motors could be helpful elsewhere!

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